A Foreign Affair
Reputation in International Dating

The international dating industry, previously known as the “mail order bride” industry, has grown in relation to technology, progressing within the limitations of what the internet could offer. In 2013, A Foreign Affair is a full-service online dating website that also offers its users the chance to pay an affordable price to travel to an exotic location and meet the single women who live there.

The concept of an international dating scam has become more commonly recognized over the years due to the advancements in technology and digital communications. Most of the men and women who partake in international dating communicate with other singles online before ever meeting someone in person.

When it comes to high-end international matchmaking, you should look no further than A Foreign Affair. With 150,000 male members and 250,000 female members, the clients who join A Foreign Affair’s international dating network end up meeting more single, intelligent, compatible women than they ever thought possible. On just one international dating tour with AFA, the clients generally meet between 200 and 500 women who are also actively seeking a serious, long-term relationship. When the tour groups arrive at the introduction social events hosted by A Foreign Affair, the women outnumber the men seven to one, on average. Their chances of finding someone compatible are very high.

You will find A Foreign Affair on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. When you consider the massive amount of clients A Foreign Affair has helped over the years, their number of complaints is quite low. When a problem arises at A Foreign Affair, whether it be an issue with the website or the suspicious behavior of one of its users, the staff is one top of it the same day. John Adams, A Foreign Affair president, will often take care of problems himself, especially when it involves a client who has not received the service they requested and paid for. A Foreign Affair seems to put a lot of its main efforts into the success of their clients’ experiences, something sadly absent in the online dating industry in 2013.

As international dating and the foreign singles online dating world continues to grow, the potential for unwanted behavior will only get bigger. Major websites such as Match.com and eHarmony.com also deal with illegal behavior on the part of its users, so why should international dating sites be singled out? In reality, companies like A Foreign Affair which adhere to the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act aka IMBRA, have a lower chance of men or women being abused, mistreated, or scammed in any way.

The scams that occur within the international dating industry can be prevented by both the users of the agencies and the agencies themselves. Although a company can spend time sifting through all of their profiles to look for suspicious behavior, it is the word of the users of a website that truly end scams and eliminate unpleasant site users. When a company like A Foreign Affair is notified of suspicious behavior, they immediately take action to remove that user and make sure the client who was affected is still satisfied with the service overall.

If you are interested in meeting people from other countries, A Foreign Affair seems like one of the best places to start. In regards to the prevention of international dating scams, AFA is one of the best and most trustworthy agencies you can find.