This section of is designed to let you learn and share with other men who have gone through their own separation experiences. You will find both written and video stories from men who want to help you by sharing their own divorce or break up experiences. Relating to others is sometimes the best form of therapy you can find.
You Are Not Alone!

The Story of "Lady X"
I noticed this girl who was the new secretary for the company. She was so gorgeous it was ridiculous. She looked like Anna Paquinn only curvy, more voluptuous. She had a perfect hourglass figure. Even though she had curves she was really petite. She had dark black hair, brown eyes, crimson red lips. Another thing I noticed right off the bat was that everyone in the office, and I mean everyone in the office wanted her. It was so obvious to me it was funny. I really found it humorous more because the company I'm telling you about was run by a bunch of amateurs, and I wouldn't put it past (the owner) to have hired someone like her out of sheer hope that he may end up hooking up with her.
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