50 Best Places to Meet Women

Public Places

1) Coffee House
A coffee shop gives you a great opportunity to connect with anyone who walks through the door. Just bring a book or your lap top, grab a coffee, and make eye-contact with anyone who comes through the door that you're interested in. If they sit down at a table, you have your chance. If they are with friends, there is no reason to avoid the situation – go meet them anyways! If she sits down by herself, you can confidently approach her and start a conversation.

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2) Sports Event
Some of the best places to meet new singles are locations that bring similar minds into one place. At a sporting event, you know that most of the people there are going to be fans of that sport, and probably fans of that specific local team. Already, you will have something in common, and something to open a conversation about. Who doesn't want a girl who likes sports?

3) Grocery Store
Not only can you gauge how healthy a person is by the contents of their grocery cart, but you can also tell things about their personality. Does she like to cook with fresh vegetables, or does she have 25 frozen dinners? Beyond these advantages, the grocery store is also a place where your defense is down and you can be yourself. Striking up a conversation with someone at a grocery store is a fantastic, and easy, way to get a phone number.

4) Book Store
Like the grocery store, the bookstore will give you a good chance to scope someone out and understand a little about them before you approach. If you love reading George Orwell and see a cutie looking at 1984, you already have something in common, and you don't even know her name yet. This not only lets you pick and choose the right person to approach, but it makes the act of approaching much less intimidating.

5) Church
Going to mass will introduce you to people in the community; more specifically, the women in the community. At church, people are very open to communication and interaction with people they don't know. It's an accepting place where everyone can get along, no matter their background or lifestyle. You also know that people at mass likely have decent moral values; at least that is more likely at church than at the club. You can also assume you have a similar religious view. The other nice part about meeting new people at church is that many of them will be coming back at least once per week.

6) Gym
If staying healthy and in shape is important to you, the gym is a perfect place to meet singles. You already know that most people who frequent the gym lead a healthy lifestyle, or at least attempt to. The gym is also a good place to approach someone you're interested in; most people have their guard down and will be willing to take a break and talk for a bit. Plus, you will already have something to talk about and you can invite her to do something active.

7) Museum
Another great place to start conversations. If you see someone you want to meet, start up a conversation about whatever exhibit she is looking at. Whether you know something about it or have a question, you will have an excuse to start talking to her. You can also assume that someone going through a museum alone is well-educated. You should take a look at upcoming exhibits that interest you and visit the museum while it's going on; that way, you will have even more in common with the other singles there.

8) Work
There is a huge number of relationships that begin at the workplace. First of all, you know you will be seeing these people every day of the week; take your time. If you start a job and notice that cutie in accounting, don't rush into asking her out. Take some time to learn from others if she is single, what she likes, dislikes, etc. At work, you can find out about people before you even meet them. Meeting singles at work also means that you have something in common. If you work for the same company, you obviously have things you could discuss. If you're nervous, working together will give you as much time as you need to build up the courage to ask her out. (Be sure to check your company's policies on inter-office dating; some businesses do more than just frown upon it)

9) Beach
Most people at the beach are there to relax, a great time to have a calm and cool conversation. Although it might be a little awkward to approach someone at the beach, people are there to have fun. Meeting new people should be part of the fun, too! Instead of doing the cliché "throw your Frisbee at the girl you like" routine, acting like you didn't mean to, just go up and talk to her! If you need an excuse, just ask if she wants to play Frisbee with you. If she has a friend or two there, it's even better; not only will it make her feel less pressure, but you might end up liking one of her friends more! Also, it will increase your chances of meeting a single woman. Just be sure you don't approach a girl whose boyfriend just went for a quick swim; the beach gives you a great chance to observe for a little bit before you make your move.

10) Library
There are a lot of reasons to meet singles at the library. First and foremost, they know how to read. Most likely, they like to read. If that is something that interests you as well, this should be a cakewalk. Not only do you know these women are educated or being educated, but you can even focus your approach on women in sections you are interested in. If you like fiction, go talk to the girl looking through that section. This will give you an easy way to start a conversation with someone new.

11) Dog Park
A dog lover won't match very well with someone with terrible allergies, so the dog park gives you something in common right away. Approaching a woman at a dog park is easy: just ask about her dog! She will tell you about her own puppy, then will likely ask about yours. This instant connection will lead you easily to an opportunity to ask her out. Maybe start by asking when she likes to come to the dog park, then meet her there. Like meeting at work, the dog park is a great way to run into someone consistently.

12) Airport
You're just sitting around waiting, so why not meet someone new? The airport is great because most people would rather be entertained with conversation than sitting around waiting for their plane. People like to arrive early to the airport, so go talk to that girl sitting across from you. The airport is host to a lot of restaurants and bars where you can meet singles as well. If you are on the same flight that has open seating, you might get more than just a short conversation with her. Even starting a conversation at the airport is easy; just ask where they're going and why.

13) Public Transportation
Not many people enjoy having to take public transportation, making it a great place to approach someone and try to improve their mood. You know you are going to be sitting together for at least a little while, so as long as you don't force your conversation on her, it should be a perfect chance to show her your personality and ask her out.

14) Bars / Clubs
It's the biggest cliché of all, but people at bars and clubs generally have a desire to meet someone. You won't automatically know what you have in common, and she might just be looking for a hook-up, but it's definitely place where you can openly approach a woman with your intentions on your sleeve. Just don't use pick-up lines, which are just creepy these days. Say hello, offer to buy her a drink, and ask her some questions. Meeting at bars and clubs isn't the best way to find a long-lasting relationship, but it will definitely give you a chance to open up some conversations.

15) Bowling Alley
The lanes are a good place to meet new people in a fun environment where you can share an activity. If you get lucky, you will be given a lane next some single women. If not, just go say hello and invite her to join on your lane. Because everyone is there for fun, you know that they won't be too busy to join you. The bowling alley also has a bar and an arcade, so you can get to know her while buying her a drink and having fun.

16) Arcade
Another place where recreation is the key, meeting women at the arcade will give you a chance to see what she likes, and what her personality is like. Instead of just talking, you can invite her to play some air hockey or ski ball. Since you know she is there for fun, you know she will be more willing to enjoy some games with a new friend. Don't feel shy and be sure to offer her some of your tokens!

17) The Apple Store
If you are a fan of Steve Jobs and his Apple products, meeting girls at the Apple store is a solid approach. Honestly, if you dislike Apple products, this is still a good approach. You will find that the general market for Apple products is under 40 years of age, giving you an immediate idea of who will be shopping there. You know the women there are at least a little bit tech savvy, and they are probably willing to take or give some advice. Start a conversation about your favorite or least favorite Apple products and see where things go from there.

18) DMV
Much like the airport, the DMV is designed for people to wait in. Whether you are waiting for your new license picture or your driving test results, there is most likely a single girl waiting there too. Since you have nothing else to do, she will most likely be willing to at least talk to you. Approach the cutest girl there and spend some time in conversation. If she's single, you will get your chance to ask her on a date.

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