19) Party
Even though it's another one of the most cliché places to meet single women, a party is the perfect situation. At a party, everyone there will be open to meeting and talking to someone new. Everyone is there to have a couple drinks, eat some food, enjoy conversation, and have a generally good time. Meeting new people is all part of a party, so take the opportunity to approach as many of the appealing women there as possible.

20) Cruise
Even if you don't go on a singles cruise, a general cruise is a great place to meet women. This is another example of an event where everyone is there to have a good time and will most likely be open to meeting new people. Cruises will give you a lot of different things

get over her now,
you can do together, and you will be able to meet up multiple times. If you see someone you like, but don't feel confident enough to approach her the first time, you will probably have more than another chance. Cruises also often have singles events, mixers, and other gatherings and activities that will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the woman you've had your eye on.

21) Vacation
Many types of vacations will give you excellent chances to meet new women. Whether it's a group tour, an exotic resort, a bus excursion or a cruise, you can feel comfortable approaching people you don't know. You could ask a question about the location, where they are from, or what they are planning for the rest of the trip. A vacation is also a great segway to invite them to something later on that day or the next day. On vacation, most of us enjoy a relaxed attitude and feel open to meeting new people.

22) Camping Trip
At a campground, almost everyone will have a friendly face! If you've ever been to a KOA or something similar, you know how kind and cordial campers can be. All you have to do is find the tent full of cuties that you can offer to build a fire for. Camping is a perfect situation to sit around, ask her questions, talk about yourself, and make plans to do something fun. You might not find as many women as you would like to, but it all depends on the location and the time of year. Camping in a quiet forest during winter probably won't give you as many opportunities as, say, camping near the beach during Spring break.

23) Weekly Event with Friends
It doesn't matter if it's a weekly movie or a weekly trip to the park; a weekly event with friends will eventually lead you to meet new people that have similar interests in common. Friends of friends will obviously have a like-minded interest in people, you will probably get along, and you can even find out things about them without actually asking them (just ask your friends!). Have your friends invite their friends to your Thursday game night and you will be surprised at the result. If you have really cool friends, they will keep you in mind when choosing between inviting their 300-pound male football buddy or their sexy female gymnast friend.

get over her now,, best places to meet women 24) Wedding
You might be there to celebrate two other people's love for each other, but a wedding is also a perfect place to meet someone new. Whether it's the cute girl that was seated at your table or one of the bridesmaids, a wedding gives you the freedom to spark up a conversation with anyone. You all have a reason to be there, and you most likely know some of the same people unless it's a huge wedding. It's also a good opportunity because you can even get her a drink and ask her to dance. A wedding is a glorified party, so take advantage of them if you're single.

25) Film Festival
Some places are great for meeting people because you automatically know you have something in common.

Most film festivals aren't going to draw in just any old moviegoer – these festivals bring together people who have a true passion for the art of film. If you are a film buff, it will be easy for you to meet some women who are just as into movies as you are. Movies are a great conversation topic, especially if you both know a lot about them; it's a fantastic way to learn about who she is and what she likes. Chances are, you both love at least some of the same movies. Don't miss these easy opportunities to meet women with the same interests.

26) Book Reading / Book Signing
Much like a film festival, a book reading or signing will give you the opportunity to meet single women that are interested in the same author and style of writing. Liking the same books will make it easy to start a conversation, and that conversation will often lead you to talk about other things you have in common. As a reader, just going to a location that will be populated by other readers is an advantage, and an easy way to feel comfortable starting conversations. Look online and find out where your favorite author will be reading and talk to the women you find attractive.

27) Tournaments
Basketball, chess, billiards, Xbox, golf, darts – there is a tournament for every personality type. These casual, fun gatherings bring together people that are all interested in the same thing. Most people at a tournament are open to meeting new people interested in the same sport, game, etc. They will often create teams from the people who have entered the tournament; if you enter it by yourself, you will most likely be placed on a team, and in a situation where you will meet new people. If a cute, single girl ends up on your team, you have an obvious reason to get to know her better. Even if she isn't on your team, use the down time before and after the tournament to spark up a conversation about whatever game you are there to play.

28) Wine Tasting
Making that first connection is key, and a wine tasting is a perfect place to meet single women. Not only will you have something in common with everyone right off the bat, but many groups of friends tend to go to wine tastings together. Don't be intimidated if you see a group of girls all together – just go up and ask them what their favorite wines are. Suggest a wine that they should try. Once you have a conversation going, it will be easy to invite them to sit down and taste the wine with you.

29) Las Vegas
Vegas might not be the best place to meet the most wholesome marriage material, but you never know. Either way, you will have major opportunity to meet women in Las Vegas. People go there to have a good time, and the city feels like one massive party. You could meet a new woman every day without even going indoors. People in Vegas are usually there to party, gamble, and meet new people. The coolest part about Las Vegas is that more people go there with groups of friends than couples. Yes, couples obviously go to Vegas to party as well, but you will see more groups of men and groups of women walking around. Invite a couple of your friends, find a group of cute girls, and offer to buy them a drink.

get over her now,, las vegas
30) Concerts
Go to a concert of a band you like and try to introduce yourself to some new people. You know they like music, and they probably like a lot of the same music you do. If anything, you can start a conversation about the band that is playing. Concerts are also events where groups of single men and women tend to gather together with one main interest in common.

31) Seminars
A seminar brings people together to learn about something, so you already have that interest in common. No matter the topic, a seminar will give you the chance to sit next to the cutest girl in the room and start a conversation before the seminar even starts. If you don't understand something, now you have someone to ask; maybe she will be the one who asks you. If you have to pair up with someone to discuss something, you have your partner. When the seminar is over, ask her out for coffee to discuss what you learned. Either way, you will have an easy opportunity to meet new people.

32) Business Convention
Designed around the idea of meeting new people for new opportunities, you will always find a cute business professional at a business convention. Not having potential to work together does not mean you can't walk up to her and say hello; that is the entire point. A business convention is one of those events where women are expecting you to come up and say hello. Just because you need to get some actual work done doesn't mean you can't have some fun at the convention as well.

33) Class Reunions
We all know that people change over time. The girls you knew back in high school have changed, both in their physical appearances and their personalities. The girl that ignored you in high school might not be able to take her eyes off of you now. The key is to keep an open mind; don't enter a class reunion with the same view of these people you had years ago. Give them all a chance to show you who they are now, especially the women you find attractive. You already have something very big in common, so there will be no lack of things to talk about. You can connect through experiences years ago, what you've been doing over the years, what you do for work, etc. People want to learn about who you've become, so take advantage of this easy opportunity to just walk up to the most beautiful woman in the room and talk to her.

34) Family Events
If someone is a friend with someone in your family, you already know some things about them. Whether it's a birthday party, a weekly movie night, or a potluck dinner, tell your family members to invite their friends. This will work a lot better if you have family members who are somewhat near your age. Although it is much more rare to meet a new single girl at a family event, you will have a perfect situation if you do. You will be in a comfortable environment where she will be open to talk, learn about you, and hopefully set up another time to see each other.

35) Political Rally / Campaign
A major problem in relationships can often be political views, since they generally describe our personalities in a way. If you volunteer for someone's political campaign, you can meet the women you volunteer with and know you will be seeing them again. This is always a great way to meet women, when you know you will be seeing each other again and again. A rally is another great way to meet new people since you immediately have something in common to discuss. While it's not the most relaxed, social environment to meet women, this advantage of knowing their political views will definitely help you feel comfortable sparking up a conversation.

36) Speed-Dating
Obviously, a speed-dating event is a good way to meet new women. You know all the women there are single, and you know they are interested in meeting men. The only issue with speed-dating events is that you will have no idea what they women are interested in, what they do for work, or how they live their lives. On the other hand, you will get a great mix of women who all like different things, live different lives, and come from different backgrounds.

37) Marathon
Meeting women at a marathon is like meeting women at the gym; you know that they like to stay healthy and they will most likely be open to talk to you if you introduce yourself. You can introduce yourself before the marathon begins, ask her about how often she likes to walk/run/ride, and ask about other marathons she partakes in. Plus, you can run the marathon together, then go get something to eat afterwards.

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