When you are going through a problem, it always helps to know other people are dealing with the same thing. In divorce, you not alone.

This section of GetOverHer.com is designed to let you learn and share with other men who have gone through their own separation experiences. You will find both written and video stories from men who want to help you by sharing their own divorce or break up experiences. Relating to others is sometimes the best form of therapy you can find.

You Are Not Alone! Separations happen every day. In this section, you have the unique opportunity to learn from other men who have gone through the same trials and tribulations you have. By reading about the experiences of other guys, you can start to make sense of what is happening in your own life. It will also help you to understand your emotions, thoughts, and decisions in this confusing period of your life.

Share Your Story! You would be surprised at how much writing can help you clear your thoughts and understand a situation. Not only will sharing your story with GetOverHer.com help you understand your situation more clearly, but it may just help other guys who are going through the same thing.

Whether you have a serious anecdote of your divorce or just a funny, dramatic break up story, we want it! Either type out your story or videotape yourself telling it. Either way, submit your story to GetOverHer.com to help yourself and others!