Top 10 Causes of a Divorce or Break-up

We scoured the internet for top ten list of reasons for divorce and compiled our research to make one definitive collection. So here it is, the top ten list of the most common reasons people get divorced or break up.

1) Infidelity
A major relationship killer, most people can't continue the partnership after they have been cheated on. Not only is it embarrassing and demeaning to the person being cheated on, but it also shows a lot about the cheater's personality and moral character. That alone can cause the end of a relationship. Some people can muster the strength to forgive their significant others, but a cheating partner generally doesn't stick around.

2) Communication
A relationship will not last without communication, which is why it can be such a common cause for separation. People overlook this important aspect of their relationships for one reason or another, usually a result of getting so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. But without communication, you cannot function as a couple. You need to know what they are thinking and feeling in order to maintain that level of intimacy. You also need to talk openly about common issues like finances, sex, and children. Without communication, these other very important aspects of the relationship will suffer.

3) Money
Finances are one of the most common frustrations in a relationship, especially if money is a month-to-month, even day-to-day struggle. Keeping your finances in check while you are single is hard enough, so when there are two people involved, it gets even harder. Although combining your money can ease your financial situation as a couple, it can also bring up a lot of issues. Maybe one of you makes a lot more than the other, bringing on feelings of guilt or frustration. Maybe you bought a house that you really can't afford. No matter who you are, being open and honest about money can go a long way in avoiding a separation. Unfortunately, many people aren't completely open and honest about money.

4) Abuse
Abuse comes in many forms, not just physical. There is also emotional, psychological, sexual, and even financial abuse to consider. When a form of abuse is present in either person in a relationship, both people would benefit from a separation. That is why abuse is on our top ten list; if it's there, it's a massive problem. Nobody deserves to be abused in any way, and the crazy part about it is we choose our significant others. Maybe you don't even realize when abuse is occurring because it also comes in many degrees. Over time, people who are experiencing abuse become fed up with the terrible feelings that come along with it and have no choice but to ask for a separation.

5) Sex
As we all know, sex is important in relationships. As a result, it is also the cause of many divorces and break ups. From the frequency to the quality and satisfaction of it, sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship to keep in tune. Because it's such an important aspect of human life, sexual compatibility between partners is key. When one partner is dissatisfied with the sexual relationship, it can lead to many other problems. The worst of which is often infidelity. Over time, sexual frustration builds up, and most people have trouble communicating about it. When that is the situation, it can often lead to separation.

6) Addiction
Like abuse, addiction comes in many different forms. Relationships that are plagued by addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, and gambling, among other things, will also be plagued with resulting issues. When one person in a relationship is addicted to something, it can easily and suddenly come in-between the couple. The addicted person often feels more inclined to satisfy their addiction than to put effort into the relationship; this can progress to the point where the addicted person actually cares more about their substance or activity than their significant other, whether they realize it or want it. This reasoning is often what leads to divorce or break up. When both people in a relationship are addicted to something, they can become co-dependent and perpetuate the addiction in each other. When one person is trying to quit, the other brings them back in, and vice versa. It's a harsh cycle that is hard to break, and often causes a lot of problems in the relationship.

7) Children
Having children could be one of the most amazing experiences in your life, but it can also cause you a lot of heartbreak. Even before you have any children, just the ideas and plans you have may cause a break up or divorce. Many people don't see eye-to-eye in regards to how many children they want to have and how they will be raised, and many couples don't realize they have this disagreement until they are deep in the relationship. Children can also cause problems when they bring on stress, financial costs, take up your time, and affect your sex life. Children may not be the actual cause of the divorce, but they can often bring on other issues that are.

8) Religion / Culture
Differences in cultural and religious beliefs can challenge relationships, even after they've been going on for years. Some people realize their differences early, but those who don't can face serious trouble in the future. Most religious differences become problems when raising children. Both parents want their children to grow up with the same beliefs as them, but some people are more stubborn than others. In a lot of couples, the problem is solved when one person gives in and approves of their children being raised in a different religion. Unfortunately, many couples end up separating because of this issue. Cultural and religious differences also bring up many other problems in relationships, depending on the actual cultures involved and the intensity of the feelings. These issues most commonly cause break ups and divorces when the couple involved did not communicate about it earlier.

9) Expectations / Priorities
Some people fall in love quickly, blind to the differences they have with their significant other. Over time, unfortunately, they will have to face them. A lot of people think they have found "the one," then realize their differences are just too much to deal with. These deal breaker differences usually revolve around priorities that come to the surface, such as career, family, and financial goals. The expectations people have of their significant other are often unrealistic or simply don't fit their personality. From there, things can easily go downhill towards a divorce or separation.

Some people just aren't meant to be together. What was once a love-filled, caring, honest relationship can change over time. Some couples are doomed from the get-go, unaware of major differences that will affect them in the future. Other people just grow, adapt, and become more mature than their partners. Sometimes it can take years to realize how much those differences will affect a relationship and cause separation, but it's better to acknowledge it after years of marriage than to deal with it for the rest of your life.