marriage services, marriage services, a popular dating site created by LLC, is one of the best online dating sites you can use. However, that all depends on which method you wish to use for online dating.

Some people like to keep control in their own hands, choosing to use sites like where they have the ability to conduct their own specific searches, browse through member profiles, see them for free, and contact as many people as they are interested in.

Other people want more assistance during the process, letting the dating site take more control throughout their online dating experience. For these people, is a perfect fit. The key to is assistance. Instead of being left to sift through profiles and introduce yourself on your own, tries to do the hard, time-consuming work for you.

For the group of people who want more control, will just feel limited. Again, it all depends on your personal preference. So, keep reading to find out if you think is the right fit for you. If it's not, but you like the overall look and design of, take a look at our review.

Transparency 1.0 / 2.5
Out of all four categories used to rate dating sites here on, gets the lowest score in the transparency category. does not try to hide how it works or the features they offer. Also, the site actually posts the name of person behind's biggest feature, their personality quiz.

Unfortunately, loses points in transparency for not posting other important information online daters would like access to. For example, the contact information for is nowhere to be found. If you join the site, you will have access to their customer service phone number – but only if you pay to join the site. does not post the cost of their service until you sign up for a free profile and give them your personal information.

In our opinion, the worst part about is the fact that you cannot browse through the profiles without paying money. Yes, you can join for free and receive some matches, but you cannot view all of the profiles you receive. When it comes to browsing through the existing members of the site before you pay to join, is very limited.

Reliablity 2.0 / 2.5 is a pretty reliable dating site. They offer testimonials and success stories right on their website, proving with evidence that the site's process really works., and it's parent company LLC, holds an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, and is an accredited company with the organization. LLC has received 924 complaints within the last 36 months. While 775 of them were resolved successfully, 149 were administratively closed. Although 16% of the complaints were simply closed, the site still maintains an "A+" rating. also receives points in the reliability category for clearly posting their privacy policies in an easy-to-find location, and also for using a security system to allow for secure payments.

Quality 1.5 / 2.5
The quality of the features available at is very high, but the actual amount of features offered at the site is not.

The personality quiz given to you for free when you sign up at is a great way to learn about yourself and really figure out what kind of person you will match up with. The site offers high quality personalized profiles and home pages, so using the site is quite an enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, is missing some major features that a lot of people would see as necessities. First of all,'s customer service is not very efficient, unless you are a paying member. I messaged their service center with a simple request for information, and never heard back from them.

Beyond that, the most glaring error on is the complete lack of a search engine. Although it is part of the philosophy, it feels very limited when you can't search through the available profiles. The key to is that they match you with fitting singles, but not being able to browse the profiles yourself can become frustrating.

Cost 1.5 / 2.5
Once you become a member of, you will have access to plenty of extra features that will make your online dating experience much more enjoyable, and much more successful. They also do a good job of avoiding hidden charges. Unfortunately, the cost to become a member of the site is much too high to begin with.

The most affordable membership option is a six-month membership for $27…per month! If you want to go with a shorter membership, you can join for three months at $33 per month, or one month for $50. also loses points for not providing many different payment options, instead limiting you to credit card or online check.

Total Score     6.0 / 10