3) How to Make an Online Dating Profile

Every day, more and more of us are meeting people online. Whether we are looking for a romantic date or just someone to play golf with, meeting people online is the easiest way to find like-minded people who share your interests. The best part about it? We can screen the people we meet, chat with them online and on the phone, and decide whether or not we want to spend time with them. For the sake of this article, we will be focused on meeting people online for the purpose of dating.

But how do you know which people you will get along with best? The quickest and most efficient way to learn about someone is through a good online profile.
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If you are interested in someone who has a good online profile, you should be able to learn all you need to know about their important features. From there, you can narrow down the people you want to chat with.If you are meeting people online for the purpose of dating, you need to make yourself a high-quality online dating profile that showcases exactly who you are. You can also use your profile to explain exactly what you are looking for in a romantic partner. If you keep the following tips in mind, your online profile should attract exactly the kind of person you are looking for.

Create a Clever Screen Name
All dating sites that offer online dating profiles will ask you to create a screen name for yourself. This will be one of the first things people see when they look at your online dating profile, so don't just make one up on the spot. Think about it for a little while.

The keys to a good screen name are personality and information. You not only want your online dating screen name to be clever, cute, and/or funny, but you want it to tell people something about you as a person. It could reference your favorite sport, your career, your favorite movie, your favorite author; whatever shows something about your personality should be the focus of your screen name. Beyond that, try to make it upbeat and memorable. If your favorite idea has already been chosen by someone else, just add some numbers to the end of it.

Collect and Post Pictures of Yourself
Posting pictures of yourself is essential to meeting people online, especially when you're meeting people online for romantic dates. In online dating, many people simply look right over any profiles that do not have photographs. If you are looking to authentically meet people online for dating, you must post photographs of yourself.

First of all, you should post at least two photographs of yourself and post no more than five or six total. You don't want to post just one photo because people might think you have something to hide. If you post more than five, the pictures will inevitably become redundant.

The two pictures you must post on your online dating profile include one well-lit face picture and one full body picture. In your face picture, make sure the room is well lit and that you are smiling. Looking at the camera will make it feel more personal, but don't take the picture yourself! Put forth some effort and have a friend or family member take a nice quality profile photo. If you're going to invest the time, money, and effort into meeting people online, you might as well put your best foot, and photos, forward.

For the full-body picture, make sure it tells the truth. If you are 35 years old and you post that amazing, skinny photo of yourself from high school, it will only hurt you in the long run. If you are seriously meeting people online to find the man or woman of your dreams, you need to be realistic. Post honest photos from no more than a year ago. Also, it helps in your full-body photographs to show yourself doing something you enjoy. If you love playing basketball, post a pic of yourself shooting hoops. If you are most interested in camping, post up the pictures of you on your last trip. This is not only a chance for you to show what you look like; it's a chance to showcase your personality as well.

Quick Tips for Profile Pictures:
  • Don't Photoshop your pictures – be honest!
  • Don't get too artistic
  • Don't be sexual
  • Guys: Wear your shirt. If a girl wants to see your abs, she will get there.
  • Girls: Flirt with the camera in your photos. Guys will respond more.

Write a Unique Tagline
Your tagline is the short phrase at the top of your profile, one of the other things potential matches will see first. It is the first thing they will read, so you want to make it good.

Your tagline will depend on the approach you are taking to meeting people online. If you are looking for casual dates without any serious commitments, you should make your tagline upbeat, clever, and maybe even funny. Keep your tagline light to show the kind of approach you are taking to online dating. The tagline of your profile should always in some way represent your main goals for meeting people online.

Your tagline should be more serious if you are looking for the person you are going to marry. Instead of joking around, be more honest about what you are looking for in a partner. You could also say something about yourself that shows the type of online dating you are interested in. Either way, you should definitely make the tone feel a bit more serious if you are looking for a serious partner.

Start Writing Your Profile
Any good online dating profile will give you space to write, in your own words, about yourself and the kind of person you are looking for. Aside from pictures, this is the most important aspect of your profile because it gives you the opportunity to explain present yourself exactly as you see fit.

Be honest. Just as we mentioned in the pictures section, it will only cause problems in the long run if you don't present yourself honestly when meeting people online. Write clearly and honestly about yourself so that when the right guy comes along, he will know it. If you aren't honest in your profile, you will naturally attract the wrong kind of people.

Be positive. Write about your favorite things to do. It is not going to be attractive to talk about things that are frustrating to you or things you just don't like; instead, talk positively about the unique things you are interested in. Being upbeat will make people want to get to know you.

Be specific. Don't just tell people you like movies. Don't just tell them that your favorite movie is Men in Black. Instead, talk about how much you love the scene from one of your favorite movies when Will Smith drags around an alien in his parachute. Don't tell them you like to play soccer – tell them you scored two goals in your last league game. Being as specific as possible will help others know if they have things in common with you. It will also help to break the ice when you first start chatting with someone by giving you something specific to talk about. Hobbies are a great place to start.

Quick Tips for Profile Writing:
  • Be dynamic: update your profile as things change in your life
  • Focus on your most unique qualities, hobbies, and interests
  • Use proper grammar as much as possible. Avoid chat language or "netspeak"
  • Be humble: make fun of yourself a little bit, it shows you are approachable
  • Invite Communication: tell people to message you or invite you to chat
  • End your profile with something memorable and interesting
  • Mention friends and family members – it shows a lot about your personality
  • DO NOT: post huge lists, act depressed, or act arrogant
  • DO NOT: Bring up money, religion, or sex

Be Patient
Once you have finished your online dating profile, it's time to test your patience. It can take some time, but your high quality profile will attract the right guys if they are there. Of course, you can always search through the profiles on the dating site and hunt down the man or woman of your dreams. Either way, you should keep in mind that meeting people online is a process and will take an unkown amount of time. It might take you three days and it might take your three years. The key is to have awareness off this reality and deal with it through patience. If you follow our steps to meeting people online and creating an online dating profile, you will have the best chance at attracting the right people no matter how long it takes.

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