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If you are looking for a free dating site that will give you all the benefits of the most popular online dating options, check out Plenty of Fish.

At, you will have access to everything you need to meet local singles with personalities and interests you are looking for. You will enjoy a free profile, free live chatting and messaging, matchmaking and personality evaluations, as well as a comprehensive search engine. Plus, Plenty of Fish claims to gain 20,000 new members every day!

While Plenty of Fish dating gives you all of these online dating site tools for free, they do not go above and beyond when it comes to customer support and company transparency. The site is not registered with the Better Business Bureau and does not post any names of Plenty of Fish employees or owners on the website.

If you want to meet locals from your area, or from any area in the country for that matter, without spending any money, Plenty of Fish is one of the two best sites for you (Also take a look at

Transparency 1.5 / 2.5 is mediocre when it comes to company transparency. On the one hand, Plenty of Fish is very clear in its pricing structure because everything is free. The only thing you can pay for on is a "Feature Profile" that will have you showing up first in search results, but if you're going to do that, just go to a larger, more popular pay dating site instead. Plenty of Fish allows you to search their profile database for free and they are clear about the services they provide. The transparency issue at Plenty of Fish lies in the fact that they a) do not provide any names of Plenty of Fish employees anywhere on the website and b) make their contact information almost impossible to find. We at found a phone number and an email address only at the very bottom of the "Terms of Payments" page. It's not a good sign when the only time a site provides real contact information is on a page about them being paid by you.

Reliablity 2 / 2.5
It seems that Plenty of Fish is a reliable dating site, especially when you consider that you will not be required to provide your credit card information. Plenty of Fish is an SSL secured website (look for the "https" at the beginning of the URL, instead of "http," when you view a page with a payment submission form), so if you decide to have your profile featured, you can feel comfortable giving them your credit card information. They also provide 200 pages worth of testimonial success stories from past and current Plenty of Fish users. The main drawback for Plenty of Fish regarding reliability is their lack of a Better Business Bureau grade. Because of that, potential users, such as yourself, cannot view their history of complaints and resolutions.

Quality 2 / 2.5 is not the most modern or flashy online dating site or marriage service, but it gets the job done well. As mentioned above, the features on Plenty of Fish rival those of any dating site you have to pay for. As a trade-off, the visual appeal of the website is not incredible (but who cares when you're looking at pictures of potential dates, right?). The functionality of Plenty of Fish is fine. The search engine is comprehensive and works well, the profiles are extensive enough to really learn about people you're interested in, and it provides enough extra tools and features to keep you coming back every day. Unfortunately, the quality of their customer service is lacking. In actuality, the customer service at Plenty of Fish is their FAQ section. If you have a question you'd like to ask a Plenty of Fish employee, you better hope it can be found in their FAQ section.

Cost 2 / 2.5
Plenty of Fish obviously gets a strong grade in the cost category. By offering these common services for free, they are separating themselves from the rest of the dating sites offering the same features for a monthly fee. Plenty of Fish does not charge for membership, nor do they charge for their extra online matching tools. The site offers an upgraded membership that will have your profile featured at the top of search results, but they don't tell you right away that you need to pay for it. First, they will tell you that you need to pass a relationship quiz to be featured, in order to find out if you can handle staying in a long-term relationship or not. Once you pass that quiz, which in itself seems like a bit of a joke, they will explain to you the three payment options (Get featured for one year at $71.40, for six months at $46.80, and for three months at $29.40). They give you the common payment options, satisfying a majority of customers, and do it on a SSL secured web page. The overall cost, even if you choose to feature your profile, is the best feature of

Total Score     7.5 / 10