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Zoosk is definitely designed for a younger crowd, although anyone who likes to use social networks and internet communication will enjoy the site. If you use, you will be able to access it through the Zoosk Facebook app, the downloadable Zoosk Messenger, the Zoosk mobile phone and iPhone app, the Zoosk Myspace app, and more. Basically, Zoosk will follow you wherever you go, if you want it to.

Having started off as a simple Facebook application, Zoosk transformed into a massive online dating community it claims has over 50 million members and is growing every day. It uses applications on other platforms, as mentioned above, which has allowed the dating site to grow rapidly through convenience, brand recognition, and general popularity. You can even add your Facebook friends into Zoosk Messenger, automatically.

We suggest using Zoosk simply for the extensive extras they offer. Plus, you can actually flirt and message other members for free. They offer some interesting and fun ways of helping singles break the ice, and as far as dating sites go, this is definitely the most technologically and socially intertwined community you will find.

Transparency 1.0 / 2.5
The biggest problem we observed when reviewing is the lack of transparency the company has. It is actually quite surprising, considering the idea that the most socially active companies online tend to offer the most transparency, offering immediate forms of communication, contact information, and representation of the people who are behind the company. At Zoosk, contact information is not present. To ask a question or contact someone who works at, you will need to fill out a submission form and wait for a reply. Zoosk is pretty clear about the services they offer, and they allow you to search through profiles for free. The prices at Zoosk are not easy to find, even if you have signed up for a free account. If you would like to view the pricing structure without signing up, follow this link: For those of you that already have a free Zoosk account, just log in, click "Settings" near the top, then click "Subscribe" on the left sidebar.

Reliablity 2 / 2.5 seems to be a reliable online dating site for the most part. The website provides a solid collection of user testimonials from couples who met on Zoosk and are currently enjoying happy relationships. Zoosk has a "B+" rating with the Better Business Bureau and has resolved 83 of 89 complaints, but is not accredited with the BBB. The privacy policies for Zoosk are posted clearly at the bottom of their website. You can feel comfortable when submitting your credit card information; Zoosk uses VeriSign SSL to make sure your payments and credit card information are secure. The main concern regarding Zoosk's reliability comes with the many online complaints and reports that say the dating site scammed its users. In some cases, people reported being charged fees they did not sign up for or agree to. Others explained that, after they were wrongly charged, they had an impossible time getting in contact with an actual Zoosk representative. Other complaints suggest that it is difficult to cancel your Zoosk account once you have paid for a membership. If these reports are a concern to you and you plan to pay for a Zoosk membership, use a search engine to explore these reports on your own for more details and specific Zoosk problems. It's important to remember that most dating sites experience at least some of these complaints, partly because the only people who leave these kinds of reviews most likely have something bad to say.

Quality 2 / 2.5 is a great website for a fun online dating experience, whether you are looking for a casual fling or a long-term relationship. The search engine will not blow your mind, but it definitely includes the major features any single man or woman would use to filter down their search results for a potential partner. The profiles at Zoosk are very comprehensive, giving you more than enough room to explain who you are, what you like, and who you are looking for. The profiles are based on an essay format, which will give you the chance to type out your self-descriptions instead of checking boxes next to a list of general choices. From your Zoosk home page, you can utilize all the features you have access to depending on the status of your membership. You can search, see who has viewed your profile, earn "Zoosk coins," download the Zoosk messenger program, edit your profile, access your Zoosk mailbox, and even sign in to your Facebook account.

There are some great extra features to enjoy at Zoosk, including the coin system mentioned just above. Zoosk coins can be earned by simply interacting with the website; for example, you will receive two Zoosk coins when you sign in to your account (at least the first couple times). These Zoosk coins allow non-paying members to do tasks on the website that are exclusive to paying members, such as sending e-gifts to Zoosk members you are interested in, but you can also purchase the coins. Zoosk provides clever icebreaker features, like having you choose "icebreaker questions" that you want interested Zoosk members to answer. These little features only help in more quickly connecting you with like-minded singles on Zoosk.

The main problem with's website quality is the customer support. The contact information for Zoosk employees is not posted on When you wish to contact them, you will only have the option to fill out a submission form and wait for a reply in your email. We tested this system, submitting an incredibly simple question. At this point, it has been over 48 hours since we submitted the question and we have not received a reply. It's shocking that a dating site so focused on the online communication options does not offer a live customer service chat, or at least something more thorough than a help forum amidst the rest of the conversation threads.

Cost 2.5 / 2.5
When you pay a membership fee to use a dating site, you will likely weed out many of the non-serious online daters. If you want to take this approach, might not be the greatest place. Although the price for a membership is very affordable, you might still come across Zoosk users who are not serious and have gotten around paying to use the site. This is the danger with dating sites that ask for membership fees, but also give people ways to use the site for free. However, if you are someone looking to use a dating site for free, Zoosk definitely offers you semi-limited access to a great collection of tools and features.

That being said, Zoosk receives a perfect rating from in the Cost category. Not only can you find ways, and sometimes fun ways, to use the site for free, but the cost of an official membership is not much at all. For a 6-month membership, Zoosk will ask for a flat fee of $74.95, which you can also choose to pay in monthly installments. They also offer three and one month packages, raising the price as your commitment gets shorter. Follow the link above in the Transparency section of this review to see a full breakdown of their pricing structure. In the world of online dating, considering the many features you will have access to with a paid membership at Zoosk, approximately $150 per year isn't bad.

Another reason gets a perfect rating in cost is that you can also choose to pay for coins and use them as you please. This is basically a pay-as-you-go system that lets you buy packages of coins you can use to send messages, send e-gifts, and use other member-only features of the site. Zoosk offers a membership option, a pay-as-you-go option, and a collection of free options to choose from, letting you decide exactly how much you want to pay to use the site.

Total Score     7.5 / 10