Step 3: Spend Time With Friends & Family
getover her,, 8 steps to geting over her
A separation will give you a lot to think about. When you are spending time by yourself, you will probably notice your mind wandering from one upsetting thought to another. There isn't much you can do about that at first, and as we mentioned above, it is healthy to experience these thoughts and emotions as they come. But after a while, you will need a break. If you spend too much time alone thinking about your last relationship, it will bog you down mentally and physically.

Instead of staying at home all day, go out and spend some time with friends and family. It has been proven that, just like exercise and a healthy diet, spending time with your social network of friends and family will improve your mood, as well as your overall mental and physical health. When you do, be sure to hang out with people you are most comfortable with.

You don't want to spend this time with a friend who could be insensitive to your situation or a family member who will simply spin the conversation back on him or herself. You want to spend time with the people in your life who you respect, who respect you, and who can provide you with some support in such an emotional time in your life.

Even if a friend just sits there and listens to you, it will make a difference. You don't need a friend like Dr.Phil who will have a solution for any problem you present him. All you need is someone to listen.

get over her now,, 8 steps
Venting your thoughts and frustrations to a caring friend or family member will help you to relieve stress and possibly realize something you hadn't before. Chances are, however, your friend will have something to say. Whether it's a simple bit of advice or just an observation, their perspective on the situation could be valuable in your recovery. If anything, it will help you to realize what went wrong in your last relationship and what you could do to improve your next one.

If you don't have any sensitive friends or family members you feel comfortable talking to, don't hesitate to seek out professional help. Again, it will not help you to sit at home all day, every day, thinking about the situation over and over in your head. At some point, you need to talk about it! The best part about talking to a professional is that you know they will listen and have solid advice to impart. The key to step three is to start communicating with someone who will listen. Talking through your thoughts and emotions will make you happier and healthier, a perfect start for step four

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