Step 7: Plan for the Future
getover her,, 8 steps to geting over her
As we have mentioned, the end of a relationship is more than separating yourself from another person; unfortunately, it also represents the end of the future you had planned for yourself. This is one major reason people struggle so much with separations. Remember that your current life has changed along with your future life, so making some new plans is a strong step towards getting over her for good.

Once again, grab a piece of paper and a pen. Start writing down every goal you want to accomplish in the next year or two. Whether they are professional or personal goals, write them down in a list and begin prioritizing them. Once you have them down on paper, start thinking about ways to accomplish them.

You might have listed things like moving to a new apartment, getting in better shape, working towards a promotion at work, meeting new people, or taking a vacation. All of these things are concrete goals that will inspire you to focus and keep your eyes on the future. It will also help you to break down the steps to achieving those future plans, making them feel much more attainable.

You should also think about plans for your financial future. Most serious couples eventually merge their finances, at least to some extent, and are left feeling a bit debased after separation. Now that you're single again, you should make some new and attainable plans for your financial future.

get over her now,, the 8 steps
Whether you make plans to save a certain amount of money or spend less on groceries, you should at least take some time to consider the current and future costs of your new independent lifestyle.

Making plans for the future is not only a way for you to achieve your goals, but it will also ease some of the uneasiness caused by this sudden, unknown future. Writing down your plans and keeping them in sight will give you confidence moving forward into new adventures and new relationships, plus it will help you get over her quicker!

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