Step 4: Be Healthy
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One of the biggest challenges you will face during your separation is maintaining your healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle you have spent months, maybe even years building with your ex has been suddenly disrupted; making simple, healthy choices like eating the right foods and exercising may seem harder than ever.

Even though it's a challenge, you will be helping yourself greatly if you make an effort to stay as healthy as possible. Being healthy not only helps you live longer, but it will improve your mental state and mental performance. By maintaining healthy choices on a daily basis, you will have more clarity and understanding during this time of confusion and frustration. Plus, focusing on your health will help you to avoid mulling over your ex.

You might not believe it, but exercise can work in the same way as an anti-depressant if done consistently. Make it your goal to exercise for thirty minutes at least five times per week, the minimum amount of exercise needed to maintain a healthy body. Now that you have more free time to yourself, this goal is very attainable. Instead of watching that fourth repeat episode of Seinfeld, go outside and take a walk around the neighborhood or shoot some hoops. If you want, just work out while you enjoy your favorite shows and movies. No matter how you do it, move your body for thirty minutes every day! It isn't very hard to go out and play your favorite sports, so make it a daily habit! When you are doing something physical and fun, you won't notice you're working out until you wake up the next day and feel sore. get over her now,, 8 steps
Even video games like the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect give you an entertaining way to exercise. Find the right activity for you and stick with it!

First of all, before we get into nutrition and exercise, we want to bring up a common issue that you're probably already aware of: the dangers of using drugs and alcohol to get through your separation. It might seem like the easiest route to feeling better, but as you know, the high will only last a matter of hours until you remember the pain and frustration coursing through your veins. Using these crutches only prolongs the healing process after a separation. If you're trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get over her as fast as possible, avoid using any drugs or alcohol for the time being.

You've heard about eating your fruits and veggies your whole life, but now you really have the time to do it! Eating five servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables every day will improve your health, improve your mind, and will simply make you feel good! The majority of Americans don't even come close to getting enough fruits and vegetables, mostly because it is so difficult to maintain the habit. Now that you have some extra free time, create a plan for a healthier lifestyle and work to stick with it. You can even use this newly found free time to become a skilled chef, learning ways to make less-than-exciting vegetables become magic in your mouth. Besides improving your health and your mood, these changes will most likely improve your physical appearance as well. This step will also help once you are ready to start dating again; your new body and your new cooking skills will definitely give you more confidence. Staying healthy is a challenge, but you can use step five, "Create New Routines," to help make your goals more attainable.

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