Step 8: Meet New People
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When you feel comfortable with your new lifestyle, have control over your thoughts and emotions, and have a strong understanding of what happened in your last relationship, you should slowly start dating again.

Many people who date after a long-term separation tend to think the first person they go out with is "the one," rushing into yet another doomed relationship. If you meet someone new and hit it off, just enjoy it. Don't ask her to move in with you or spend every waking hour with her; take it slow! Now that you are single, just enjoy it. Take the time to meet as many new people as you can, avoiding the pitfalls of jumping into a new relationship too fast.

To meet new people, try and move outside of your general comfort zone. Don't just visit the same bar you go to every Friday. Instead, call up some of your friends and do something you all have an interest in! No matter what you do, give yourself the opportunity to be surrounded by new people interested in similar things. Meeting friends of friends is also a fantastic way to meet new people. At a bar, you will have no idea what the random women there are interested in. If you go to a cycling club, you know that everyone there has at least that in common. From there, you can set up dates, enjoy that shared interest, and continue to learn more about the things you have in common. get over her now,, the 8 steps
If you find yourself falling for the first girl you meet, don't assume it's just a fluke. Just take it slow! All you need to do is enjoy your single life and the right girl will come. Like we've said, you'll find much more success by meeting people interested in similar activities than meeting random women at bars and clubs. Sharing that interest in the beginning will help you build a friendship first and move naturally into a relationship if it's meant to be.

When all else fails, go to a professional! Once you are ready to date again, there is no reason to avoid dating services and online dating. These dating options, particularly the online ones, are fantastic ways of meeting like-minded women that you can really become friends with. With so many options for online dating and so many different approaches, you will be able to find the type of dating site that fits your personality and your personal approach to dating. These sites will give you the chance to search among millions of single women to find the ones that have like-minded interests and appealing personalities, increasing your chances of success. For more information about online dating and a guide to the best online dating sites, visit

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